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Jul 28, 2021

2 min read

Nafter now listed on - bringing $NAFT to a new global audience

$NAFT is now listed on

We’re excited to share some huge news with the Nafter community. Nafter took another massive leap, as $NAFT is now listed on — one of the top-10 global cryptocurrency exchanges. This is certainly worth celebrating! Thanks to the listing, a massive new global audience now have a simple, convenient and safe way to buy $NAFT, boosting the amazing Nafter community of NFT creators and fans.

As one of the top-10 largest crypto exchanges, is a perfect launch-pad for Nafter’s quest to become the number one NFT social network and marketplace.

Known as “Your gateway to cryptocurrency,” has a well-deserved reputation for security and reliability, and enables effortless trading in $NAFT with low fees, alongside a huge range of popular tokens.

Following on from the recent release of Nafter’s Web-App design demo, this announcement shows Nafter’s huge ambition to become the leading NFT social network. So strap in Nafterians, because we’re just getting started.

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