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Apr 15, 2021

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Introducing Nafter: NFTs for Creators, Influencers & Fans

Imagine an NFT marketplace where creators and fans can interact, sell, and collect unique content. Every picture tells a story and now, using Nafter, influencers, and creators can sell unique NFTs to their fans, each of whom can own a slice of the story. Celebratory selfies. Iconic images. Modeling shots. On the beach. In the club. As the sunsets. As the waves break.

Whenever, wherever, and with whoever, Nafter enables creators to transform unique photos into unique NFTs.

Instead of mere static images, your photographs can take on a life of their own, allowing them to be traded and to realize tangible value — all while boosting fan engagement and growing your brand. Whether you’re looking to build your fanbase, monetize your photography, support your modeling, or simply dip a toe into the alluring world of NFTs, Nafter has the answer.

Why NFTs?

You may have heard about NFTs, but unless you’re a long-time lingerer in the crypto space, your knowledge probably ends there.

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are a means of digitizing and trading any tangible or intangible asset, be it artwork, real estate, in-game items, or even your time. Using NFTs, anything that has value can be tokenized and traded.

As the world goes digital, NFTs have come of age, ushering in an era of unprecedented freedom for creators. Along the way, they’ve pioneered new ways to engage with fans and spawned an army of digital collectors, clamoring to acquire the hottest new NFTs.

One of the beautiful things about NFTs is that no two are the same: that’s what makes them highly collectible. And because blockchain provides provable ownership of tokenized assets, there are no disputes over who owns a particular NFT: if it’s in your wallet, it’s yours and no one else’s.

Exclusivity. Rarity. Collectibility. These are the hallmarks with which NFTs are synonymous. They unlock value that was previously hard to monetize and fuel a burgeoning marketplace that connects artists and fans. NFTs aren’t the next big thing: they’re the big thing that’s happening right now, taking the music, sport, and art worlds by storm and luring in everyone from the crypto curious to major celebs.

How Nafter Works

Using Nafter, influencers can convert memorable photos into digital collectibles that can be acquired by fans. And the best part? No technical knowledge is required. Nafter automates the whole process, allowing you to transform stunning snaps into collectible NFTs at the push of a button.

  • Take a photo on your smartphone
  • Mint it as an NFT on Nafter
  • Post it to the Nafter marketplace
  • Share and sell pics to your fans

Nafter is a game-changer for creators and influencers. It provides a way to monetize moments and unlock more value from every photo shoot. For fans, meanwhile, it’s an opportunity to own the compositions of your favorite creators and build your collection of must-have images, each represented as an NFT. All yours to trade, buy and display as you see fit.

NFTs are changing the way artists and fans interact. Now, thanks to Nafter, tapping into the growing demand for digital collectibles couldn’t be easier. Simply snap, mint, list, and repeat.

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